Formulae behind con2rem

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Formulae behind con2rem

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Despite a detailed review of the relevant sections of the Advanced Tutorial, the HYSPLIT user manual and also of the presentation on radiological application I still lack understanding of some aspects of how the function con2rem is working.
I especially do not fully comprehend, what the flags -x, -z and -g do.

Would it be possible to share the dosimetric formulae con2rem is using?
If the input arguments associated with those flags were displayed as variables I am sure understanding their meaning would be relatively easy.

I ran a series of tests were I made several dose calculations for the same scenario using con2rem with different sets of flags and input parameters.
Some of the things I noted were:
  • the flag -g seems to have no impact on the result whether it is set to -g0 or -g1
  • the flag -z is used in the Advanced Tutorial, when calculating a dose rate and the way I would understand it, is that you can specify a time range within which the dose rate is averaged before displaying it. However if this flag is set I never see a decrease of dose rate over the simulation time, while with no -z flag dose rat is displayed as decreasing when radionuclides decay or the plume moves to other locations.
Many thanks for the help!
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