Almost zero mass

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Almost zero mass

Post by rosatrancoso »


Just wondering if there is a way to increase the threshold of "zero mass".

This is because I have a lot of simulation runtime with masses as low as 1e-30 it's not considered "zero" because for fortran real*8 is below 1e-38 (with option -funsafe-math-optimizations in gfortan otherwise the threshold is as low as 1e-45).

In the code it seems particles are only deleted when rmass <0.0, i.e. a hard zero.

If no hysplit option, what Fortran compilation flags do you recommend for intel compiler?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Almost zero mass

Post by alicec »

You can use the
namelist variable.

would remove particles that had mass less than 0.01*total_mass.
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