Obtaining Meteorology File

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Obtaining Meteorology File

Post by Cares »

I just downloaded the last day on GDA 0.5 from NOAA repository and tried trajectories in a location of my interest following yesterday lessons.

I have been able to run the forward 12 hours trajectories with preconfigured values, but I have not been able to do the back trajectory, I tried 12 and 6 hours.
It remains always like this:
Model started ...
HYSPLIT - Initialization
HYSPLIT version: hysplit.v5.0.0
Last Changed Date: 2020-05-13
Calculation Started ... please be patient

Since you get files for each day in GDA 0.5 I wondered if you need to take into acount the number of files you need depending on the runing period to it to work.
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Re: Obtaining Meteorology File

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You are right - you do need to make sure you have meteorological files that cover the time period over which you will be running. So if you are running backward, you may need metfiles from the day before your start time. If you still have trouble please attach the CONTROL and SETUP.CFG file that you are using as well as the MESSAGE file that is generated.
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