ERA conversion

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ERA conversion

Post by mas »

I converted ERA files to the ARL format using the Hysplit converter. I downloaded the 2d, 3d, and the invariant files observing the time and steps specified here in the forum (otherwise Hysplit didn't read the output.)
That is: 2D analysis fields time 00/06/12/18, step 0
2D forecast fields time 00/12, step 6/12
3D pressure fields time 00/06/12/18, step 0

When I now use the successfully transformed ERA file in my deposition model (wet deposition only) nothing happens. The calculation starts and nothing happens, no error message, no interruption, it just seems blocked. I use the same control file I used with the GDAS 0.5 data - I only change the met file input.

I get this in the message file:
Simulation Date (CCYYMMDD): 20171002
Simulation Time (HHMMSS.S): 180326.514
WARNING: metini - FLUXES not found in data (kg,kt) 1 1
Setting KBLS=2 to use the wind/temp profiles!

1 1 ECMG 83.4 81 35

I am not sure my transformed ERA file is ok, how can I check that? I attach the profile I did and the Control file (transformed in txt).

Thanks for any suggestion.
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Re: ERA conversion

Post by Fantine »

You can use the chk_file utility to check the file. Point #2 in this tutorial page. ... _data.html

I will suggest also doing spatial plots for the ARL formatted file, in the HYSPLIT GUI menus select Meteorology / Display Data / Contour Map. Especially look at the precipitation field to check if it is reasonable and has rainfall during the study period.
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