Suggestions or recommendations for CPU

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Suggestions or recommendations for CPU

Post by RickV »

I have participated in several workshops using an Intel Core i7-4500U and it performed satisfactorily. Unfortunately, the laptop featuring this mobile processor recently failed. I have not located information regarding what is most often referred to as 'System Requirements' and would find this information useful. Can anyone refer me to this type of reference?

Additional/related questions:
Would you anticipate any 22nm 3rd generation Core i7 to be suitable? Two specific examples I am looking into are the 35W 3612QE 4C8T and the 17W 3687U 2C4T. Note the 45W 3615QE 4C8T is also possible but may require mitigation to prevent elevated temperatures.
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Re: Suggestions or recommendations for CPU

Post by Cored1997 »

35W 3612QE 4C8T: This CPU appears to be a good choice with four cores and eight threads. It has a higher TDP, so you should have better sustained performance compared to lower TDP options.

17W 3687U 2C4T: While this processor has a lower TDP and is more power-efficient, it only has two cores and four threads. It may perform well for basic simulations but could be slower for more complex ones.

45W 3615QE 4C8T: This CPU has similar specs to the 3612QE but with a higher TDP. While it can deliver good performance, it may indeed require better thermal management to prevent overheating.
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