arw2arl--custom made ncfile--Invalid dim ID or name error

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arw2arl--custom made ncfile--Invalid dim ID or name error

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Hello HYSPLIT users

I would like to ask you 2 things. For the first one, I have a wrf output file, a NetCDF3 file but I had to do some manipulation and save the file using xarray in python. Then when I try convert it using ".../exec$ ./arw2arl -d -oARLDATA.BIN -vwrfout.cfg" command, the output is

Using an existing decoding configuration: wrfout.cfg
At line 378 of file arw2arl.f (unit = 10, file = 'wrfout.cfg')
Fortran runtime error: Invalid string input in item 6

Error termination. Backtrace:
#0 0x7fe4b5b75d21 in ???
#1 0x7fe4b5b76869 in ???
#2 0x7fe4b5b7754f in ???
#3 0x7fe4b5db161d in ???
#4 0x7fe4b5db4a29 in ???
#5 0x7fe4b5db5a3b in ???
#6 0x7fe4b5dbeae7 in ???
#7 0x7fe4b5dbed0c in ???
#8 0x7fe4b5dbee67 in ???
#9 0x562262b1cef2 in ???
#10 0x562262b1c4b2 in ???
#11 0x7fe4b581d0b2 in ???
#12 0x562262b1c4ed in ???
#13 0xffffffffffffffff in ???

In my namelist file, I have different variables like LANDMASK, so I tried different names to convert them as well. Another example, in this file the RAIN variable is given as PRECIP, should I have to change the name to RAIN?

For the second case, if I try to use built-in WRFDATA.CFG namelists(average or TKE), the code opens the file but can't finish the job, and it gives:

(the command).../exec$ ./arw2arl -d -oARLDATA.BIN -vWRFDATA.CFG

Using an existing decoding configuration: classicWRFDATA.CFG
Opened NetCDF input file on unit: 65536
Time : NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name
DateStrLen : NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name
west_east = 3
Number of x points = 48
south_north = 2
Number of y points = 53
bottom_top : NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name
soil_layers_stag : NetCDF: Invalid dimension ID or name
Times = 30
Number of dimensions = 2
Dimension IDs = 6 1
Length = 20
Length = 48
Date String Length NE 19: 23

In the file, there is not a variable as soil_layers_stag and the time is like array([b'2015-12-30_00:00:00', b'2015-12-30_00:30:00',...hours in between ...,b'2015-12-30_23:00:00', b'2015-12-30_23:30:00'], dtype='|S20'). I get this result when I opened in the python using xarray.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To add configuration and .nc files I had to change their extensions to .txt, so I would like to specify that information for ease.

I looking forward to any help to accomplish this conversion step. Thanks for your time.
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