Mass conservation in puff mode?

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Mass conservation in puff mode?

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Dear HYSPLIT User and staff,

I am trying to calculate fallout particle deposition and wanted to use horizontal-puff vertical-particle mode to achieve a less noisy concentration map.
My grid spacing is 0.008333 degrees.

However, I am having the problem that the total mass of released particles is not conserved during deposition (in contrast to particle mode). ... torial.pdf
Page 55 says:
" The incremental concentration contribution for a Top-Hat and Gaussian puff is computed at each grid cell center point when that point lies within the puff radius. Puffs must intersect the point to contribute to the concentration summation while a 3D particle can be anywhere within the grid cell. This means that puffs may pass between grid cell center points when the plume radius is small or the concentration grid resolution is too coarse."

Is there a way to achieve mass conservation in puff mode? Do I need to make the grid finer? Can I achieve it by increasing the size of puffs? is there another setting to achieve the same behavior as with 3D particles?

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