Problem running Hysplit Archive dispersion

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Problem running Hysplit Archive dispersion

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My post a few days ago got one reply and was then deleted by the forum. Why? Yesterday I noted that one of my two problems was solved when I understood I had misunderstood the result file.

But my second problem hasn't got any solution or comment and I posted that yesterday.

So again why am I limited to 84 hours total duration when I do forward dispersion in the web-based Hysplit as a nonregistered user?

Being retired it is almost impossible to be a registered user. As there is an entry for archived dispersion by registered users there should be a difference between this and the version for unregistered. Maybe the registered user can do longer simulations?

The instructions are, however, a bit fuzzy as the instruction for registering says "Please do not register if you will only be using the HYSPLIT trajectory model or the dispersion model with archived meteorological data." So is there a difference or not?

But my serious concern is that I want to do dispersion for at least one week.

PS. An irritating detail, which should be easy to correct by the developers, is that when I chose "Return to main menu (keep user inputs)" I always lose the MET file, which is a bit disturbing, especially when I run reanalys Met files and need to climb ways down the selection ladder every time.

My best, and I hope for help.

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Re: Problem running Hysplit Archive dispersion

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Your previous post was not deleted. You can still look at it viewtopic.php?f=28&t=1765

There are many users using the web-based HYSPLIT. We limit the duration of the runs to prevent our server from being overloaded by users' requests. This applies to both registered and unregistered users.

If you want to do dispersion runs for at least one week, I will suggest you using the HYSPLIT PC version. No registration is required to access it.
HYSPLIT PC version download:
Online tutorial: ... index.html

If you are running trajectories, the web-based HYSPLIT allows the running duration for more than a week.
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