Error because of pollutant wet deposition option

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Error because of pollutant wet deposition option

Post by freezingwint » April 22nd, 2019, 1:33 am

Dear HYSPLIT users.
I converted NCEP GFS 0p25 grib2 data to arl data using api2arl command.
But when i running hysplit with converted arl data, i got error message like below.

Code: Select all

Model started ...
 HYSPLIT4 - Initialization 
 USE: svn info | tail -n3
 to fill in these three records
 with the version information!
 MGMIN set to MAX for meteorology grid:         1440
 Configuration corrected, continuing ...
 FATAL ERROR: pollutant wet removal defined but ...
 meteorological data does not contain the precipitation field
 Turn off wet removal for C137 and restart
STOP 900
As error message said, When i clicked 'Wet deposition' option as 'No' then simulation succeed.
But i really need to simulate Wet deposition.
I got meteorological data especially gfs 0p25 data from ncep ftp site. which is as followed. ... /gfs/prod/

To simulate Wet deposition and dry deposition using NCEP gfs0p25 data, What should i do?
Does anyone simulate wet deposition using NCEP gfs 0p25 data?

I got ncep gfs0p25 data from ucar site as followed. (
and i succeed to simulate wet deposition. but I keep failed to simulate wet deposition using data from web( ... /gfs/prod/)

I have to make shall script to download gfs0p25data. So i really need to use '' site and i should simulate wet deposition also.
Does anyone find the way to simulate wet deposition using NCEP gfs 0p25 data?
Then please let me know what should i do?

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Re: Error because of pollutant wet deposition option

Post by barbara.stunder » April 29th, 2019, 1:29 pm

Was api2arl using the NCEP GFS 0p25 data successful? Does it have precipitation? Run chk_file on the file.

There are GFS 0p25 files that can be input to HYSPLIT at however they are on the GFS hybrid levels, not pressure levels.

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