Cluster analysis

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Cluster analysis

Post by Elmohandiss » October 12th, 2018, 10:34 am

I am Djamel From Algeria. I am phD student working on the transfert of
radioactivity between environmental compartments.

I used this powerful software on line.

I have big issues to run cluster analysis!

I would like to demand you if possible to send me a demonstration of the
cluster analysis.

In our courtry, I would like to identify air masses origins during many
periods . the range for each period range from 7 to 20 days.

I would like to know if possible to calculate back-trajectories for only
one height (500m) throughout the period or only for 315 h .
For example , air sampling was made during the period 3-11 june 2018.
concerning the meteorological data , is it possible to use a meteorological
data for the second week of june 2018 and I calculate the back
-trajectories with a total run times (192 h) ? or I use the meteological
parameters of each week separately .week one from 3 to 7 june ( back
trajectories ) et the second week from 8 to 11 june 2018 (other

For the cluster analysis , I would like to include other periods (
approximately ten differents periods during 2014-2018 ) .Is it possible?
I am looking to hear from you as soon as possible.

Best Regards

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Re: Cluster analysis

Post by Fantine » October 12th, 2018, 11:29 am

You can install the HYSPLIT model on your PC (or Mac, or Unix machine) that will give your flexible ways to set up the model for your application. The instruction for installing and running the model are available on the tutorial on the web: ... index.html (videos)

For the cluster analysis, there is an example you can follow and may modify to fit your purpose: ... _clus.html

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