inline-HYSPLIT multi run

HYSPLIT was originally designed to run offline utilizing meteorological data such as are provided by WRF-ARW. A new model framework has been developed that the revised HYSPLIT model is coupled inline with WRF-ARW to take advantage of the higher temporal frequency of the meteorological variables produced by the meteorological model, as well as using WRF-ARW's vertical coordinate scheme. The inline coupling approach is a more consistent depiction of the state of the atmosphere available to the dispersion model through the elimination of the need to interpolate the meteorological fields temporally and vertically. This forum was created to foster discussion on the use of the In-line WRF-HYSPLIT coupling.
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inline-HYSPLIT multi run

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I would like to ask if it is possible to generate trajectories for many hours, for a few days, but for one location and one height, in one inline-HYSPLIT run? If it is possible, I'd be very grateful for answer: how to do it?
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Re: inline-HYSPLIT multi run

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For the inline system, once a trajectory is launched during the middle of a WRF run, it will continue for hours or even days until the WRF simulation ends. You can start multiple trajectories at the same starting time. To run trajectories starting at different hours or days, you can use standard HYSPLIT (offline) driven by the WRF data you generated.

The benefit of using inline HYSPLIT is for dispersion simulations in a fine spatial and temporal resolution. A trajectory calculation only has advection component which is not that sensitive to the couple approach. For trajectory runs, you probably should go with standard HYSPLIT which has more features serves different applications.
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