Trouble With TrajStat Example

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Trouble With TrajStat Example

Post by sebenish »

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble replicating the clustering and PSCF calculations in the TrajStat example.

For the clustering part, I can create a .txt file and TSV plot which looks similar to the example. However, when I plot the clusters using the "mean traj" button, I find similar clusters but not exactly the same (see attached). Particularly, cluster 2 (cluster 5 in the example) does not extend as far north and cluster 3 (cluster 1 in the example) extends too far west. When I "add to traj" and view the attribute data table, I see some correct cluster numbers/patterns in the cluster row, but several incorrect rows.

I believe this issue extends into the PSCF calculations. While I can create a layer matching the example, there is no "save as" dialog box. Again, when I do the calculation and weight it, I have too many regions with PSCF >0.7 (see attached).

I am worried about this because when I do these calculations with my research I similarly find many reginos with PSCF > 1.0, which does not make sense. Any insight into what may be happening or what user error may be occuring is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Trouble With TrajStat Example

Post by yaqiang »

It's hard to say why you got wrong result without detailed step description. The only suggestion at present is to use newest version of MeteoInfo and TrajStat if you are using old ones.
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