Add Meteorology output along trajectory

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Add Meteorology output along trajectory

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Dear Forum,

I am trying to calculate backward trajectories using hysplit on linux. I would like to add more meteorological output through trajectories (temperature, humidity etc). For this purpose, i have tried to set that through the Advanced / Configuration Setup / Trajectory/ Add Meteorology output along trajectory/ at menu tab, but i mentioned that i can't choose (click) any of the proposed meteorological variables.

Would you tell me where the problem lies?
Thank you very much in advance!
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Re: Add Meteorology output along trajectory

Post by ariel.stein »

The issue has to do with a change in the color font we did in the last version with the unintended consequence that the check marks can not be distinguished from the white background. To solve this problem please replace the file named traj_cfg.tcl in the ../guicode/ directory with the attached corrected file. Before you replace the file you will have to rename it from traj_cfg.txt to traj_cfg.tcl
We will correct this issue for the next HYSPLIT PC release.

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Re: Add Meteorology output along trajectory

Post by grug »

I also want to know how to do this on LINUX
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