HYSPLIT runs but hysptest fails

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HYSPLIT runs but hysptest fails

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I am trying to run some tests to figure out the final configuration for my HYSPLIT runs, particularly what the final NUMPAR value should be. From my understanding, I want to have this number high enough to give HYSPLIT a good starting point. My end-goal is to figure out the optimal HYSPLIT configuration for maximizing the number of smoke emissions I can fit in one emissions file (currently comparing 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 500 emissions)--and therefore one HYSPLIT run-- AND minimize the runtime all while using the a value for NUMPAR that is enough for all my runs to avoid using too few particles for my runs.

From the workshop I learned that the function `hysptest` can test my configurations and give me its suggestion for an optimal NUMPAR value. However, in this particular test I have encountered that even though HYSPLIT runs successfully (ie. MESSAGE file says "complete HYSPLIT" at the end) running hysptest gives me :

Program received signal SIGFPE: Floating-point exception - erroneous arithmetic operation.

Backtrace for this error:
#0 0x7ff32da35d5a
#1 0x7ff32da34ef5
#2 0x7ff32d6ff20f
#3 0x55fac6b1f016
#4 0x55fac6aa8ae5
#5 0x55fac6a954b2
#6 0x7ff32d6e00b2
#7 0x55fac6a954ed
#8 0xffffffffffffffff
Floating point exception (core dumped)
I have run hysptest successfully for INITD=0.
I have attached the CONTROL, SETUP.CFG and the emissions file (for reference) for my single-emission-location test.
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