Any Ag Field Burners?

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Any Ag Field Burners?

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I've been a hysplit user for 4 years now while managing agricultural field crop burning in CA. I wanted to see if anyone else here is doing something similar and wants to share some pro-tips.

Using the web version, I generally do:
Unknown Material
NAM CONUS Nest (generally performs better than NAM Tile in my location - picks up topographic influence better)
Default top (50m) and bottom (0m)
Quantity: ~18lb PM2.5 / acre (for rice) - can change based on emission factors for other crops
Default top of averaged layer (100m)

Would any other configuration be better for ag burning? How about using the prescribed burn option? I can have fire size, but can't edit emissions quantity. Is this for forestry fires? Would this work for crop burning?

Also, amazing hysplit gurus, any chance for a west coast Hysplit training session? :mrgreen:

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