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Add grid square to options

Posted: November 3rd, 2019, 12:34 am
by N2NXZ
I have been using Hysplit balloon trajectory for a few years now and find it very useful,accurate and interesting for my projects.
Although my suggestion does not change a lot but I think it will make starting a Hysplit trajectory much easier and faster.Especially when you have the need to run it often,I find searching and entering the Latitude/Longitude to be very time consuming.Why not use the GRID locator system as another option?
I would think a 6 character grid would be accurate enough,but 8 would be fine as well for those who need high accuracy.
Since balloons travel constantly,I use this website to locate the GRID locator of where the balloon is or will be.And there I can obtain the LAT/LONG.
In my case the balloons are tracked using GPS and telemetry sends GRID locators among other data.To copy and paste a grid locator would be so much easier than the work of filling out the fields for LAT/LONG after looking them up.Speaking for myself,time matters and anything that is faster is always good.Here is an Image to make it easier to understand.Almost makes good sense in my opinion.Hope it is a useful suggestion for others as well.
Great work on Hysplit,very handy and impressive.