HRRR meteorology error

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HRRR meteorology error

Post by twistersister »

I'm back with another issue... :) I'm trying to run a backwards trajectory with the HRRR 3km data starting at 12UTC on 2 Sep 2020 and getting this error:
Mon Dec 7 18:30:40 EST 2020
The model was not able to create a graphic file for job 180411.

At day/hr 3 20
Changed from 1500 min to 60 min
ERROR metset: meteorological data time interval varies. Check input meteo file.

NOTICE: using namelist file
Last Changed Date: 2020-05-13
HYSPLIT version: hysplit.v5.0.0
HYSPLIT - Initialization
Model submitted on Mon Dec 7 18:30:35 EST 2020
I get the same error when I try a run with the HRRR data starting at 00UTC and 06 UTC on 3 Sep 2020. When I try to start a run at 18UTC on 2 Sep 2020, in the model parameters, the start time parameters are blank except for the time. I don't get errors on any other days (that I need to run HYSPLIT for, at least).

Any insight is much appreciated! Thanks much.
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Re: HRRR meteorology error

Post by barbara.stunder »

There was a problem with the file 20200902_18-23_hrrr, but we were able to fix it. Let us know if you have issues with that file or come across any other similar issue. Please see the bottom of the README.TXT file because there are some missings.
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