Error - HYSPLIT using incorrect HRRR data?

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Error - HYSPLIT using incorrect HRRR data?

Post by twistersister »

I am getting an error when trying to run a 24-hour backwards trajectory using HRRR data for 8/31/16 12UTC and 18UTC. It ran fine for 9/1/16 06UTC and 00UTC. I checked the files in this folder and they don't appear to be missing for that date:

Below is the error message. It seems as though it's trying to grab the record from 8/29/16 00UTC even though I selected the 8/31/16 data (and yes I triple checked this to make sure). I get the same message whether I choose the 12UTC or 18UTC data on 8/31/16.

Thu Jul 18 15:31:22 EDT 2019
The model was not able to create a graphic file for job 147724.

hyts_std 0000000000402CA9 Unknown Unknown Unknown 00007F8686F803D5 __libc_start_main Unknown Unknown
hyts_std 0000000000402D9E Unknown Unknown Unknown
hyts_std 0000000000404F4D Unknown Unknown Unknown
hyts_std 0000000000420068 Unknown Unknown Unknown
hyts_std 000000000042ED20 Unknown Unknown Unknown
hyts_std 00000000004804A7 Unknown Unknown Unknown
hyts_std 00000000004836DF Unknown Unknown Unknown
hyts_std 0000000000460C63 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Image PC Routine Line Source
forrtl: severe (36): attempt to access non-existent record, unit 1008, file /pub/archives/hrrr/hysplit.20160829.00z.hrrra

NOTICE: using namelist file

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Model submitted on Thu Jul 18 15:31:16 EDT 2019
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Re: Error - HYSPLIT using incorrect HRRR data?

Post by glenn.rolph »

The problem was that there were empty files from 8/27/2016 18Z through 8/29/2016 00Z. We removed those empty files (we cannot replace them with valid files anymore), so you should be able to run your trajectories.
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