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Interface to HYSPLIT - Wanting to do something similar with FVCOM's ptraj

Posted: March 1st, 2019, 4:17 pm
by joeseph
I'm working with scientists to develop an interface to a particle tracking model, and am wondering how the interface to HYSPLIT was achieved.

Specifically to my project: we're looking to make an interface to a version of FVCOM's particle tracking model (Developed by UMass Dartmouth around 2007). I'm hoping to use PHP to connect to an in-house remote server with the model, feed it parameters, execute the model, monitor progress, and then lastly display results and link to downloadable images/output data.

This is relatively new territory for me in web development. I'm experienced with JavaScript, PHP, connecting to databases in PHP, and updating data via BASH. Nothing quite like this.

Please be as detailed as possible when describing how it works.

Many thanks for your time.