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hyts_std.exe does not use CONTROL

Posted: September 20th, 2017, 12:54 am
by GoingForGold
Hi all,

I'm new here, but new to the topic of trajectories :)

I'd like to write an application to generate some trajectories in batch with the hysplit desktop application. I managed to run some trajectories with the pc application, but I don't manage to trigger the same trajectory with my application. So whatever I do, if I call the hyts_std.exe from a batch file, from my vb application or even manually from the command line, I always end up in the "manual" mode, where I have to enter everything (start date, location, ...) again first. It is ignoring the CONTROL file (and the TRAJ.CFG for that matter) completely. Same goes for the example batch files in the hysplit/examples folder, they also don't work as expected, as the application always starts up with this "assistant". However, the hysplit application apparently manages to execute it correctly.

In the settings of the GUI I double checked the path to the working directory.

Did I miss some setting somewhere to make sure it takes the CONTROL file? Where could be my issue?

Thanks and best regards,

Re: hyts_std.exe does not use CONTROL

Posted: September 20th, 2017, 9:24 am
by ariel.stein
Hi Marco,

You have to make sure that you are running hyts_std.exe in the same directory as the CONTROL file.

Here is an example of a batch file content you can use for testing in your machine.

echo 00 00 00 00 >CONTROL
echo 1 >>CONTROL
echo 40.0 -90.0 10.0 >>CONTROL
echo 48 >>CONTROL
echo 0 >>CONTROL
echo 10000.0 >>CONTROL
echo 1 >>CONTROL
echo ../metdata/ >>CONTROL
echo oct1618.BIN >>CONTROL
echo ./ >>CONTROL
echo tdump >>CONTROL

\hysplit4\exec\trajplot -itdump -oplot