I cannot Run Hysplit after following the installation

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I cannot Run Hysplit after following the installation

Post by Cares »

I Installed the instructions for the installation in a Windows computer. But when I click to the shortcut "Run Hysplit" to run the program, i get the windows message ' how do you want to open the file'.
How can I solve it?
Thank you
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Re: I cannot Run Hysplit after following the installaction

Post by MarkCohen »

    The problem may be that the shortcut doesn't know where Tcl/Tk is, the program that is required to open the HYSPLIT Graphical User Interface (GUI).

    In item #5 of the PC Install page in the Tutorial, the following is included:

    If you downloaded the ARL tcl.zip file, after unzipping the file, let's assume the binary (wish86t.exe) resides under C:\tcl\bin, right-click the HYSPLIT shortcut "Run Hysplit" on the desktop, then Properties. In the Target: field, add C:\tcl\bin\wish86t.exe before C:\hysplit\guicode\hysplit.tcl (assuming hysplit was installed in C:\hysplit and separate these two strings with a blank space).

    So, for the case above, the "target" field should have the following:

    C:\tcl\bin\wish86t.exe C:\hysplit\guicode\hysplit.tcl
    (note the space between the two items)

    Basically, if you tell the shortcut where wish86t.exe is, as described above, then it should be able to open up the HYSPLIT GUI. If you installed tcl in a different place, the path should be adjusted to reflect that different location. (And, if hysplit.tcl is in a different place, you will have to adjust the path to reflect that different location.)

    For example, on my PC computer, I installed Tcl/Tk in my Users directory, and HYSPLIT also in my Users directory. For my situation, the "target" field in the shortcut properties is:

    C:\Users\Mark\tcl\tcl\bin\wish86t.exe C:\Users\Mark\hysplit\guicode\hysplit.tcl
    (as with the example above, note the space between the two items)

    There are other aspects of the tcl installation that are discussed on the PC Install page in the Tutorial, but this may be the issue you are having.
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