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The clusters are determined from the endpoint latitude and longitudes, not the heights. The heights, but not pressures are carried through to the output. For example see the file C1_5.tdump (open in Notepad), which is what is used for the Cluster 1 of 5 plot you show. There is a latitude, longitude, and height, but no pressure.

To plot showing the heights:

..\exec\trajplot -iC1_5.tdump
That defaults to option -v1, which is plotting by agl.

There is a work-around to plot with pressure:

Make a copy of the file CLUSLIST_5 so you have the original.

Open CLUSLIST_5 in Notepad. The 1st column is the cluster number. Delete all the rows except for cluster 1. Then delete all the columns of numbers so you are left only with the list of filenames. Save the file and rename it to INFILE1_5.

Run ..\exec\trajplot -i+INFILE1_5 -v0
Note the plus sign before the filename, that means trajplot will plot every trajectory in the list; -v0 means to plot by pressure. These are your original tdump files with the pressures.

Let us know if this doesn't work.
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