How to understand the trajectory endpoints file format?

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How to understand the trajectory endpoints file format?

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I am dealing with a huge problem for me. I am a relatively new user and i need back trajectory endpoints file for my thesis. I need the "distance" variable in trajectory endpoint file for my study. Therefore i need to understand the endpoint file format to obtain distance variable and use it. When i try to understand the format of endpoins file, I found this in "Trajectroy endpoints format help":

"Trajectory output file format (ASCII)
n1XF8.1 - n diagnostic output variables (1st output is always pressure)"

I need the definiton of last variable (or sometimes, in Isentropic method, i need last two variable's definiton) The one next to AGL(meters). But i couldn't find it anywhere.
Please help me.
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Re: How to understand the trajectory endpoints file format?

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The diagnostic variables that can be output in the trajectory endpoints file are the following:

TM_PRES=0 trajectory diagnostic output pressure variable marker flag
TM_TPOT=0 trajectory diagnostic output potential temperature
TM_TAMB=0 trajectory diagnostic output ambient temperature
TM_RAIN=0 trajectory diagnostic output rainfall rate
TM_MIXD=0 trajectory diagnostic output mixed layer depth
TM_TERR=0 trajectory diagnostic output terrain height
TM_DSWF=0 trajectory diagnostic output downward short-wave flux
TM_RELH=0 trajectory diagnostic output relative humidity

If you need the distance traveled or some other distance, you will need to calculate it from the position information in the file.
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