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MeteoInfoLab script - convert ARL or concentration data to netCDF

Posted: May 18th, 2017, 2:30 am
by yaqiang
The 'convert2nc' function can be used to convert many data formats to netCDF, including ARL and HYSPLIT concentration data. MeteoInfo 1.4.3R3 or better version is needed.

For ARL data:

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infn = 'D:/Temp/arl/gdas1.jul09.w5'    #Input ARL file
outfn = 'D:/Temp/arl/'    #Output netCDF file
convert2nc(infn, outfn, writedimvar=True)
For HYSPLIT concentration data:

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infn = 'D:/Temp/HYSPLIT/cdump'    #Input HYSPLIT concentration file
outfn = 'D:/Temp/HYSPLIT/'    #Output netCDF file
inf = addfile_hyconc(infn)
convert2nc(inf, outfn, writedimvar=True)