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Multi-color trajectory plot

Posted: May 30th, 2016, 11:33 am
by yaqiang
Only one color can be assigned to a line in MeteoInfo, so we have to create multi-line pieces to fullfill multi-color trajectory plot function. Below is an example to plot a multi-color trajectory according to it’s height. Read the endpoints from the HYSPLIT output trajectory file, and create a layer with line shapes from each pair of the adjacent endpoints. Height values were put into the layer’s attribute table. Then we can display the trajectory layer using it’s height field.

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#Read trajectory data file
fn = 'E:/Trajectory/RYO-to Yaqiang/05060306'
f = open(fn)
line = f.readline()
mfn = int(line.split()[0])
for i in range(mfn):
line = f.readline()
sn = int(line.split()[0])
for i in range(sn):
lons = []
lats = []
alts = []
for line in f:
    dd = line.split()
    lat = float(dd[9])
    lon = float(dd[10])
    alt = float(dd[11])
alts = array(alts)
#Create trajectory layer
layer = MILayer(shapetype='line')
layer.addfield('Height', 'float')
lon1 = lons[0]
lat1 = lats[0]
for i in range(1, len(lons)):
    lon = lons[i]
    lat = lats[i]
    alt = alts[i]
    layer.addshape([lon1,lon], [lat1, lat], [alt])
    lon1 = lon
    lat1 = lat
levs = arange(0, 1000, 100)
cols = makecolors(len(levs) + 1)
ls = makesymbolspec('line', levels=levs, colors=cols, field='Height', size=2)
lworld = shaperead('D:/Temp/map/country1.shp')
geoshow(lworld, edgecolor=(204,204,204), facecolor=(250,235,252))
geoshow(layer, symbolspec=ls)
scatterm(lons[0], lats[0], size=8, facecolor='r')
text(lons[0], lats[0]-1, 'Fukushima')
title('Multi-color line')
yticks(arange(30, 51, 5))
xlim(130, 160)
ylim(30, 50)

Re: Multi-color trajectory plot

Posted: July 11th, 2016, 4:33 am
by arindamroy115
Can I do that in offline version of HYSPLIT or in Trajstat (Without writting code)?

Re: Multi-color trajectory plot

Posted: July 12th, 2016, 9:07 pm
by yaqiang
You can download MeteoInfo 1.3.4 to do this job (