How to get hycm_std?

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How to get hycm_std?

Post by kaif »

I think I should add "hycm_std hycm_ens hycm_cb4 hytm_std \" to exec/Makefile, uncomment the line MPI=pgf90 -Mmpi, and MLIB= /share/apps/openmpi-1.10.7/gcc/bin. It shows error:
PGF90-S-0017-Unable to open include file: mpif.h (../source/hymodelc.F: 217)
PGF90-S-0038-Symbol, mpi_status_size, has not been explicitly declared (../source/hymodelc.F: 448)
0 inform, 0 warnings, 2 severes, 0 fatal for hymodelc
File with unknown suffix passed to linker: /share/apps/openmpi-1.10.7/gcc/bin
make: *** [hycm_std] Error 2
I hope someone can help me fix it. Thank you
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Re: How to get hycm_std?

Post by ariel.stein »

Yes, you need to add hycm_std to the list under "all"
You do not need to uncomment the MPI line.
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