Question about HYSPLIT total mass matter

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Question about HYSPLIT total mass matter

Post by sol »

I got 100 kg/m2/gird of HYSPLIT model results.
If i want to get a total mass of pollutant in a grid, should i multiply area of grid to concentration value? for example area of grid is 100m^2. Then Does (100m^2) * (100 kg/m^2/grid) = 10000kg/grid a total mass of polutant in a grid?
Am i right?
please answer me.

Thank you in advanced.
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Re: Question about HYSPLIT total mass matter

Post by alicec »

Column mass loading values have units of mass/area and then, yes to get
the total mass you multipy by the area.

Concentrations have units of mass/volume then you would multiply by the volume to get total mass.

HYSPLIT cdump files (
output concentrations - mass/volume and the volume is always in m^3. The mass is in
whatever units were used to specify the emission rate.

Hope that helps.
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