Concentration output with STILT physics

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Concentration output with STILT physics

Post by steve.masters »

When running with the STILT physics (ichem=8), several additional parameters are set in the CONC.CFG file. One if these is the cmass option, which is set to cmass=1 ("grid mass"). Is there any way to override this behavior and calculate the cmass=0 concentration output when STILT physics is requested.?
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Re: Concentration output with STILT physics

Post by christopher.loughner »

Yes. Don't set ICHEM=8 and set which STILT option you would like to use individually in your SETUP.CFG file (i.e., IDSP=2, KBLT=5, KMIXD=3, VSCALES=-1.0, CAPEMIN=-2.0). Note that not setting ICHEM=8 will result in no PARTICLE.DAT and PARTICLE_STILT.DAT files to be produced, which requires CMASS=1.
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