Deposition plots

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Deposition plots

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I have a question about deposition plots. With concplot it is possible to obtain deposition plots, I can do that and it's fine.
However, I was now exploring the possibility to convert HYSPLIT outputs into NetCDF first in order to use my own plotting scripts. When I run con2cdf4, I noticed that the new version of HYSPLIT stores the pollutant's concentration at the different levels for each time steps; no variable for depositions is available, do, I suppose, this is also the case in the HYSPLIT output in its original format.
I also noticed that concentration is saved also at the 0m level. Therefore I was wondering whether this variable can be used to obtain the deposition loading (mass unit/m2) and, if yes, how this is done in HYSPLIT.

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Re: Deposition plots

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At level 0m the values are deposition, not concentration.
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