Pollutant starting location(large area) matter

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Pollutant starting location(large area) matter

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Dear HYSPLIT Users.

I have question about starting location matter.
I want pollutant occur in large area. and It seems i can set wide pollutant occuring location using matrix.
But when i set matrix, Only rectangular pollutant starting area appear.
In sample, dust storm simulation, which on the web, I can see flexible pollutant starting location. To help your understand, I attached image of sample dust storm simulation.

Here is the question, I want to set pollutant starting location as not rectangular one. In manual, It is written that "there is editor program". I think it is dustbdy.exe file.
What should i do to set flexible pollutant starting area?
Please let me know i really need your help.

Best regards
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Re: Pollutant starting location(large area) matter

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See the help file c:\hysplit4\html\S417.htm. Or through GUI, Advanced - File Edit - Emissions File.

See also the Dust sections of the Tutorial. https://www.ready.noaa.gov/HYSPLIT_Tutorials.php
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