Testing of Captex2 Simulation

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Testing of Captex2 Simulation

Post by bektas61 »

<r>Hi everyone, <br/>
I asked about Testing of Captex2 Simulation and getting different results.<br/>
I mentioned that although ı did all things with Hysplit video tutorial identically for chapter8 "Configuring the CAPTEX simulation".<br/>
I set up concentration that is the same as the tutorial, run the example and gave the result like below.<br/>
when ı open the Message file and compare the results, they were different.<br/>
<B><s></s>Firstly, emission terminated part. <e></e></B><br/>
"Notice advring" is the diffrent end of the emission<br/>
in tutorial:1 17 17 1 2<br/>
in my case: in the tutorial:1 17 17 1 3<br/>
<B><s></s>secondly, end of the 6 hours they have different boundary layers and of course, the mass fraction of layers are also different.<e></e></B><br/>
in the tutorial:12 layers<br/>
in my case: in the tutorial:14 layers<br/>
End of the simulation particle numbers are different<br/>
in the tutorial: 24940 <br/>
in my case: in the tutorial:17737<br/>
<B><s></s>Display shapes are the same but not identical and max. min concentrations are also different<e></e></B><br/>
in the tutorial: max=7.1E+02 pg/m3, min=3.4E-03 pg/m3<br/>
in my case: in the tutorial: max=4.7E+02 pg/m3, min=4.0E-03 pg/m3<br/>
<B><s></s>The last one I wanted to create an animation but ı gave this error message "Error: invalid Parameter--density"<e></e></B><br/>
What are the reasons for?<br/>
Best regars,<br/>
<B><s></s>"Details of error"<br/>
Invalid Parameter - -density<br/>
Invalid Parameter - -density<br/>
while executing<br/>
"exec $magick_pgm -quiet -density $Density -loop 100 -delay 30 -trim +repage -dispose Background $Input_file $Output_file"<br/>
(procedure "run_magick" line 32)<br/>
invoked from within<br/>
invoked from within<br/>
".magick.bot.save invoke"<br/>
("uplevel" body line 1)<br/>
invoked from within<br/>
"uplevel #0 [list $w invoke]"<br/>
(procedure "tk::ButtonUp" line 24)<br/>
invoked from within<br/>
"tk::ButtonUp .magick.bot.save"<br/>
(command bound to event)</r>
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Re: Testing of Captex2 Simulation

Post by Fantine »

This sounds to me that the CONTROL and SETUP.CFG were configured differently than the tutorial. Those files are available to download at the bottom of the tutorial page: https://ready.arl.noaa.gov/documents/Tu ... _cexp.html
Would you upload those two files? That will be helpful to know how the run was set up.
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