Dust storm Modeling (different Dust emition Rate)

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Esmaeil Mohammadian
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Dust storm Modeling (different Dust emition Rate)

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Dear all

I want to make a setup file for modeling dust storm and calculating the PM10 concentration on Special Place Tehran ( 30N, 40E ).
The domain i consider in my setup file is (15E-60N, 30E-60E) and i want to make this domain to some nine(9) sub-domain like (30-45N, 40-50E).
the meteorological data want to use in my setup is:


I also downloaded the Dust emission rate and the friction velocity of each grid point from HYSPLIT tutorial page (12.1-the data is attached to this conversation).
15.25 30.25 10 74.7 4.480E+06

https://www.ready.noaa.gov/documents/Tu ... _dust.html
I tried many time for considering the dust PM10 concentration!
Even though i run the setup file mentioned in the tutorial page(12.1-dust storm). i can not do the same thing for with the same setup by new metrological data and grid point!

and when i want to display the concentration and dust emission rate i encounter with this message: "concplot.ps not found"

what is my problem!

thanks for your time and consideration in advance

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Re: Dust storm Modeling (different Dust emition Rate)

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Please check your MESSAGE file. You are probably not emitting any particles because the friction velocity did not exceed the threshold friction velocity.
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