Back Trajectory Analysis

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Back Trajectory Analysis

Post by teoxu »

Hello all,

I am new to HYSPLIT and will need to use it to analyse the sources of a certain gas within the UK and was just wondering if it would be best to download the software onto my PC or use the web-based model the run my analyses? Also, what meteorological data should I be using for this purpose? I have looked through quite a bit of reading but haven't quite been able to figure out what would be best for the work I am doing.

Thanks so much for your help!

Best wishes,
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Re: Back Trajectory Analysis

Post by glenn.rolph »

If you will be doing a lot of simulations you should download the PC version so that you can run the model using batch scripts and also to keep our server from slowing down. The only data set that we have available for the UK would be the GFS/GDAS global data set, however if you have access to ECMWF data locally, you could try to convert the ECMWF data to HYSPLIT format using the one of the conversion programs available in the data2arl directory of the PC version.
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