Backward trajectory analysis (questions from a beginner)

Topics about the HYSPLIT trajectory model.
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Backward trajectory analysis (questions from a beginner)

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Hello, good day to everyone! I am currently a masters student and my thesis study involves backward trajectory analysis. I have searched a lot of software that can be used for the simulation and out of all the papers that I've read, HYSPLIT is the most accessible. I am very new to this software and and there are a lot of questions I have about this software:

1. First, I want to ask how to manually input meteorological data in HYSPLIT? The version that I downloaded is HYSPLIT 5.2.1. I have 9 sampling locations, to be simulated with 24-hr trajectory (1 hour interval) and a grid resolution of 1°x1°. When I opened meteorology->convert to ARL-> user enter, there are only 6 rows provided and I can't add any more rows. Is it possible that I first input my data on excel and convert it to an appropriate file for HYSPLIT? If so, how can I do that?

2. I have 9 sampling locations with different starting time (this was based on the date and time I started air quality sampling). Is it possible if I simulate all these locations at the same time or I have to do simulation for each location?

3. My study area is in the largest region of the Philippines so there are no archived files for my study area. How can I attach my map to the trajectory model?

Thank you for responding. I'm sorry for asking a lot of questions. These are all new to me.
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