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Cannot run cluster.exe from command line

Posted: December 23rd, 2018, 7:58 pm
by cg gc
After some help from Barbara and a few tweaks to the individual tdump files (removing ALL of the MET data except for pressure), I was able to get my clusters to run from the GUI, however, with a very long list of clusters to make, I thought I would make a script to run from the command line. This is where I get stuck.

I am running the same code from the online tutorial found here: ... j_clus.bat

The problem starts with this line: "dir /b tdump84122??????? >INFILE"
The error message:
File Not Found
The system cannot find the path specified.

It does this no matter what tdump files I tell it to find. The files are in the hysplit4/working, cluster/endpts directory, AND in the cluster/working directories. The CCONTROL file is created fine. The INFILE is not created.

I made the trajectory length, ridiculously small just to see if it would even finish. But, no. The clusters are fine in the GUI, but not in command line.

A text file of the batch script is attached. It has been shortened because this is where the problem lies.

Does anyone know what is going on and how I can correct it?

I apologize if this question has been posted before. I tried searching, but all of my search terms were not used because they were too common.

Re: Cannot run cluster.exe from command line

Posted: January 30th, 2019, 10:46 am
by barbara.stunder
Substituting in the variables, the batch file has
cd c:\hysplit4\working
There is no other "cd" command, so that is the directory it is in when looking for the tdump files in the dir command.
Verify the CCONTROL is in that directory.

Try it manually without running the script. This should make the file INFILE.
cd c:\hysplit4\working
dir /b tdump84122???????? >INFILE

You need to have files named "tdump84122<8_more_characters>" to create INFILE.