Met data gap

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Met data gap

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This is more a data gap than a software bug, but it prevents trajectory modelling on the 12th of June 2019. It looks like inadvertent omission, hence I post it as a bug.
The gap arises because the GDAS 0.5 global met field set ends on 11 June 2019, while the GFS 0.25 one that replaces it starts on the 13th.
I can't see any way around this, but I will post this as a question on another forum, just in case there is a workaround. As luck would have it, this is the day I must have! And just to clarify, the (back)trajectories are for central Asia, so no other set can be used.
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Re: Met data gap

Post by barbara.stunder »

You can use the gdas1 archive for June 12, 2019.
gdas1.jun19.w2 at
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