FTP failed

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FTP failed

Post by ckbekker72 »

I am trying to download data from the NAM12 meteorological archives and am having difficulties with the download. I am attaching my GUI inputs to the FTP Meteorological Archive Data retrieval. When I click on the "FTP Data File" button, I get this message: FTP failed: ftp.arl.noaa.gov -> /pub/archives/nam12/20050104_nam12.
Do I need to create a specific account to access the FTP archive data. If so, where can I sign up?
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Re: FTP failed

Post by barbara.stunder »

As given in the GUI, the nam12 archive began in 2007, but you are requesting data from 2005. Please try EDAS instead for 2005. README files for our archives are at https://www.ready.noaa.gov/archives.php.
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