Dose calculation

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Dose calculation

Post by Dimitris »

I want to convert concentration and deposition output file to dose rate (Sv/h) and total effective dose (Sv), due to groundshine, cloudshine and inhallation. In the last version of Hysplit I saw that the "convert to dose" tool is working and that some updates have been done to the related documentation (Concentration/Utilities/Convert to dose).
The case I work with concerns a known release of I-131(both in particulate and gaseous form) and Cs-137 (particles) from a nuclear accident in an NPP abroad.
Can you please advise me on how can I create and plot the dose rate (and total dose) for each radionuclide separately, and also the rate and total dose for all radionuclides? What are the modifications needed in "activity.txt" file and what options shall I select when running the "convert to dose" tool or running the con2rem.exe from command window? It is not clear to me what is the role of the "pollutant classes (NGAS and RNUC)" mentioned in the documentation and also how could I compute the dose from I-131, which appears in both gaseous and particle form?

Thank you in advance
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Re: Dose calculation

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Please view the HYSPLIT presentation titled "Configuring HYSPLIT for Radionuclide Applications" now available under the On-line Training/Presentation section of the following web page:

This presentation explains how to configure HYSPLIT for nuclear applications using the most recent version of HYSPLIT dated October 2014. Additional information on the setup of the model is available In the notes section of the PowerPoint. The PDF version does not show the animations nor the notes.
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