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14.3 Dust Storms: Revised Algorithm

Posted: May 27th, 2020, 3:10 am
by Yin Shuai
Recently, I am learning PC HYSPLIT model. In the Section 14.3 Dust Storms Revised Algorithm, the tutorial said that "CONTROL_dust2.txt" was extracted from "". But when I checked the two files, I found the values were inconsistent, for exampe the first point in " CONTROL_dust2.txt" is 38.50 -114.00 10.0 72.0 0.575E+04, while, the corresponded data in "dustUSA_control03" (the data of March) is 38.50 -114.00 10.0 93.4 0.5142E+03.
Does that mean I cannot directly extract the threshold friction velocity field and KA from the global sample data, some computation is required?

By the way, are the global threshold friction velocity field and KA data updated annually? Where can we get the newest version of the global monthly control files?