dry vs. wet deposition quantification

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dry vs. wet deposition quantification

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I run concentration simulations and I do particle deposition. I turn on both dry and wet deposition, and I usually run 24-hour simulations with point-source emissions with a fixed emission rate. Once simulations are over I usually plot deposition rate fields. However, I would like to quantify how much of the total deposition is due to dry and how much to wet deposition. One way would be to switch only one of those two in different runs and compare... but I assume that the deposition field for a simulation with both dry and wet turned on is not just the sum of dry deposition with wet turned off and of wet deposition with dry turned off. Is there a way to quantify these relative contributions?
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Re: dry vs. wet deposition quantification

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There is no way to separate the deposition due to the different mechanisms in the output.
Running them separately will give you some idea of the different contribution, although as you note, it is not
a simple sum e.g. dry deposition depends on concentration in lowest layer which could be altered by wet deposition.
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