Wildfire Smoke SplitR Dispersions

Post questions, comments and links to research (research papers, web sites, etc) involving HYSPLIT and wildfire smoke. This section is also to facilitate collaborations between researchers involved in smoke transport and dispersion.
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Wildfire Smoke SplitR Dispersions

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I am trying to simulate wildfire smoke dispersion in the U.S. on a large spatial and temporal scale. I intend to use SplitR, the R package of HYSPLIT, because of its looping/automating capabilities. Here is the link to SplitR - https://github.com/rich-iannone/splitr. For my fire data, I intend to use satellite hotspot data from the Hazard Mapping System (HMS) - https://www.ospo.noaa.gov/Products/land/hms.html. However, I do not know what to enter for my emissions parameters in SplitR for dispersion runs. Specifically, I do not know what to enter for the emissions rate, release height, and release duration. I realize this depends on fire size/intensity and location - something which BlueSky accounts for in the web browser version of HYSPLIT. The HMS fire data contain information on fire radiative power (FRP) but not fire size in terms of acres.

Any ideas on how I would calculate the emissions parameters for SplitR dispersion runs given the fire data I am using (or should be using)?

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