error comin while running grib2arl

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error comin while running grib2arl

Post by shivali »

AIX 5.3 following error is ocming while running grib2arl - pleae help

[ncmr0102][/gpfs1/home/shivali/liji/metprog/grib2arl]> grib2arl -i/gpfs1/home/shivali/hysplit/new/hysplit/trunk/exec/ncum_00z_20140107_g3.grb -g3
"grib2arl.f", line 1479: 1525-005 The formatted I/O statement on the internal file cannot be completed because the end of the record was reached. The program will recover by ignoring the remaining data items in the I/O statement.
NOTICE pakset:
Number of index records = 1
Number of records /time = 71
NOTICE pakini: start initialization rec = 1
NOTICE pakini: end initialization rec = 71

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Re: error comin while running grib2arl

Post by ariel.stein »

Can you please provide some information about the dataset you are trying to convert?
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