Custon Made NetCDF format

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Custon Made NetCDF format

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I had a question with regards to using a custom made NetCDF met input for HYSPLIT. I am aware there is a minimum number of fields that are required but if we want to include additional variables what other fields would HYSPLIT accept? Does the arrangement of the fields in the NetCDF file matter?

There are several utilities within HYSPLIT to convert met data but which one would be the best to convert a custom made NetCDF into ARL format?

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Re: Custon Made NetCDF format

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What variables do you want to include in the met data for HYSPLIT? What are they for?
This note for the converter of WRF met data may be helpful for you. The table in the doc lists what variables from WRF match to HYSPLIT's required variables. ... rw2arl.pdf

For converting your own met data in NetCDF, you can use the WRF converter (arw2arl) as an example and then modify it to read your files.
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