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Combining NAM and EDAS

Posted: February 19th, 2016, 4:17 pm
by j.boehms

I am trying to run a back trajectory from the western United States to Siberia, Russia. I would like to be able to run the trajectory using the NAM and then have EDAS take over when the NAM ends. Is there a way to combine these two models into one run?


Re: Combining NAM and EDAS

Posted: February 22nd, 2016, 7:52 am
by glenn.rolph
Multiple meteorological data sets can be defined in the CONTROL file if you are using the off-line version of HYSPLIT. However, the NAM and EDAS only cover portions of North America, so you will need to use the GFS or GDAS data sets if you need transport from out of North America.

Re: Combining NAM and EDAS

Posted: February 22nd, 2016, 7:56 pm
by j.boehms
Thank you for the response.

I think I was a bit confusing in my intial post.

My intentions are to combine two models (NAM and EDAS or NAM and GDAS) into one single metfile to run through Hysplit. I'm wondering how to combine two metfiles through terminal.

Re: Combining NAM and EDAS

Posted: February 23rd, 2016, 7:45 am
by glenn.rolph
Only similar met files can be combined, not different types of met files. So, you could concatenate multiple GDAS files together, but not GDAS say with GFS. You can list them both in the CONTROL file separately so that HYSPLIT will use whichever has the highest resolution at each time step.

To concatenate files that are consecutive in time (using the cat command in linux or type command for windows) to reduce the number of files do the following:

for instance: