invalid command name "winfo"

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invalid command name "winfo"

Post by AraZeph »

I'm trying to get hysplit to run but it won't execute.

$ tclsh8.5 hysplit4.tcl
invalid command name "winfo"
while executing
"winfo child ."
invoked from within
"eval destroy [winfo child .]"
(file "hysplit4.tcl" line 47)

I can't figure out what the problem is, installation up until now seemed fine.
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Re: invalid command name "winfo"

Post by Fantine »

The error came when TCL/Tk graphical user interface was trying to launch the HYSPLIT window => ... gui001.png
Have you checked:
if the setenv DISPLAY was set properly on your machine that windows can be displayed remotely on your local desktop?
if the TCL/Tk was installed properly on your machine?
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