Convert output to text

Post any questions or comments regarding the Desktop PC version of HYSPLIT. This includes the model execution, GUIs, results, or graphics. Be sure to include the operating system you are using (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.
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Convert output to text

Post by arl.noaa »

I am running HYSPLIT 4 on my desktop and the output file type says "file". How do I get the output files to be a text file? Thank you.
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Re: Convert output to text

Post by glenn.rolph »

The output of the trajectory program (tdump) is a text file (you may need to rename it tdump.txt or else open it with Notepad or Wordpad). The output of the dispersion program (cdump) is a binary file. There is a program that comes with the PC version that can convert the binary data to a text file. You can find it (con2asc.exe) in the exec directory of HYSPLIT or else from the PC GUI Concentration/Utilities/Convert to ASCII.
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