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Run time & # of Trajectories General Question

Posted: February 20th, 2014, 5:08 pm
by masisneros
Could you clarify the PC version vs Online version.

I have been running comparative runs to better understand what corresponds with what between the PC and online version of Hysplit.

On The PC Version: Total run time appears to be different from Total time on the online version. What I understand, the total run time in hours for the online version corresponds to the total run time each trajectory is run vs the total run time of the model.

Also, online version has Max#of Trajectories, on the PC version this is not a option within the menus, how what is the method to get 5 trajectories for a run within a pc version. What I could figure the # of trajectories on the pc version is determined by a combination of when a trajectory should start multiplied by something.

Could you clarify these two items between t he PC version and online.

Much appreciate. BTW, the staff has been amazing at answering my questions in a very timely manner, thank you.


Re: Run time & # of Trajectories General Question

Posted: February 28th, 2014, 12:41 pm
by barbara.stunder
Both the PC version and the online version are interfaces to make the trajectory input files CONTROL and SETUP, run the model, and do post-processing. The interfaces are obviously not identical and it’s possible some of the terminology is not identical. If runs from the PC and online produce different results, check to see if the CONTROL and SETUP files are the same. The SETUP values are also listed in the MESSAGE output file.

To start trajectories from 5 different levels on the PC interface, enter “5” for the “Number of starting locations”. However you are probably doing trajectory runs having a restart interval (PC terminology) or “Start a new trajectory every X hours” (online terminology). On the PC to do this, go into Advanced / Configuration Setup / Trajectory, and choose #3 “MULTIPLE trajectories in time”.