Batch scripts

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Batch scripts

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Im trying to gather 13 years of trajectories from EDAS files of one specific location. I tried finding a batch so that it would automatically gather the data we needed to do this, but i ended up not being successful and writing the batch file so instead i went through daily runs and started doing month to month file gathering. Ive gotten two years of data already processed, but the problem is it doesnt automatically give me a trajectory that i can view in GS, instead i have to process every flight of every month through the display option of HYSPLITS. Would anyone be willing to give me some tips or a better way of doing this?

Thank You!
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Re: Batch scripts

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You would have to add a call to the trajplot utility to your script.
The trajectory output files from HYSPLIT are text files.
The utility trajplot converts them to a postscript file.

If you look at the example batch scripts included with the tutorial you will seen a line like this:
%PGM%\exec\trajplot -itdump -v0 -j%PGM%\graphics\arlmap
(for instance see section 5.4 in tutorial and click on batch script icon at the top to see the script.)

Since the output files are text files it is also straightforward to use a different plotting program to plot them
For instance you could use excel, python, matlab, idl etc.....
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Re: Batch scripts

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Can you share your script? I am trying to do the same thing. Please help.
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